The sophisticated resort enjoys a convenient location 11 km from the charming old town of Hoi An. Four Seasons The Nam Hai is the perfect combination between a heaven for rest and an ideal place to discover the culture of the town of Hoi An. Let’s review the details of this most interesting resort in Hoi An with Recago!

Four Seasons The Nam Hai – Luxury Resort in Hoi An

Address of Four Seasons The Nam Hai

Four Seasons The Nam Hai is located in block Ha Dong B, Dien Duong Ward, Dien Ban town, Hoi An. This place is located along the Ha My beach and is only 11km from the old town.

The hotel has a convenient location for tourists to relax, swim, visit and explore the ancient Hoi An.

How to get to Four Seasons The Nam Hai?

Ordinary, visitors who travel to Da Nang will come to Hoi An in one trip. From Da Nang airport, visitors can come to the resort by car or taxi. Just go down Vo Nguyen Giap street to Truong Sa (the road running along the beach), then go all the way to Lac Long Quan, you will see signs leading to the resort. The total distance is about 22km.

As for tourists who choose only Hoi An for a trip, you can go from the old town and find the way to An Bang Beach. In the end, you will see Four Seasons Nam Hai there.

In addition, the The Nam Hai also has a limousine transfer customer to resort. The service have many incentives for customers, so you can contact the resort directly or Recago for advice.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai view

The five-star resort with astonishing sleek design

The Nam Hai features 60 resort villas and 40 private pool villas. Four Seasons The Nam Hai is an interesting destination for tourists who want to experience the culture, traditional architecture, or local cuisine here.


The resort has become a symbol of interference between the traditional beauty of Hoi An and the international luxury, thanks to three industry-leading figures: the hotel’s founder Adrian Zecha, French architect Reda Amalou, and Indonesian interior designer Jaya Ibrahim.

Flanked by palm trees, Four Seasons The Nam Hai is separate from the outside, allowing visitors to rest comfortably and privately. The Nam Hai Resort is a super rest and relaxation location for holiday-makers.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai

The architecture and interior design of Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai are inspired by 2,500 years of Central Coast’s history. Each villa is built in traditional style with double tiles – a typical architectural feature of Hoi An ancient town. The wooden interior is intricately carved, with a large bed placed in the center of the room and a curtain hanging down from the ceiling. These are all characteristics of the old houses of Vietnamese people from the last century.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai - architechture

At the same time, all doors were replaced with glass doors. Along with modern facilities, resorts are still interspersed with traditional values. It helps visitors to balance design style and living amenities.

Understated elegance villas at Four Seasons The Nam Hai

The sophistication is not only in the architecture but also in the large number of rooms at The Nam Hai. It offers a variety of accommodation options for customers.

One-bedroom Villa

Four Seasons The Nam Hai has 60 one-bedroom villas with a lovely garden outlook. The villa’s interior is completely furnished with facilities, including both indoor and outdoor luxury relaxation areas.

The space of this one-bedroom villa will be 80m2, and it will be set up with one double bed in the middle and a stylish curtain.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai villa
Four Seasons The Nam Hai has 60 one-bedroom villas with garden outlook

In addition, the villa’s bathroom is open concept, with an outdoor shower and a unique bathtub. The Nam Hai not only created the bedroom with the utmost care, but also the living spaces such as the dining table, workspace, and bathroom. So that visitors could fully immerse themselves in the surroundings’ natural beauty and mood here.

 The villa’s bathroom is open concept
  • One Bedroom Villa with 80m2 in size and green garden outlook
  • One Bedroom Ocean View Villa with 80m2 in size and ocean view
  • One Bedroom Beachfront Villa with 80m2 in size. The room is positioned on the beach
  • Family Villa with 104m2 in size, suitable for family has childrent. You can order more bed for childrent.
Four Seasons The Nam Hai pool villa
The serene elegance of the villas

Pool Villas of Four Seasons The Nam Hai

The Four Seasons The Nam Hai is more popular for its exceptional pool villa. Each villa has a large space, but thanks to the skillful layout and space-saving design of the designers, it doesn’t seem empty.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai pool villa
Pool Villas in The Nam Hai

There are lush coconut groves all around the villas, providing a lot of outside areas to enjoy the sea breeze and sunlight. All create a premier resort in the heart of Hoi An.

Especially, the temperature of the pool may be changed by visitors to suit the season and their own preferences.

The modern architecture inside beautiful pool villas

The interior of the villa is constructed with a lot of glass surfaces to make the area breezy. These apartments have similar interiors to one-bedroom villas, including a spacious double bed, sofa, dressing table, separate work desk and mordern furnishings such as a flat-screen TV, clothing rack, IDD phone, tea/coffee maker, refrigerator, hair dryer, etc.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai villa
The interior of the pool villa

Diverse units of Pool Villas in Four Seasons The Hai Nam

Pool villas have a variety of units from one to five bedrooms for groups of guests to choose from:

  • One Bedroom Pool Villa The villa is 250m2 in size and located in the middle of a green garden.
  • Two Bedroom Pool Villa The villa is 400m2 and contains two bedrooms with double beds. This room is suitable for families of 3-4 people or more.
  • Three Bedroom Hilltop Pool Villa – The villa is 520m2 in size. The villa, in particular, is located on the top of the hill so that visitors can enjoy the most airy and quiet space.
  • Three Bedroom Ocean View Pool Villa – The villa is 520m2 in size. The villa offers a private swimming pool with a view of the sea.
  • Three Bedroom Beachfront Pool Villa The villa is 520m2 in size, with three bedrooms. The villa, in particular, offers a private swimming pool just steps from the sea.
  • Four Bedroom Pool Villa – The villa is 590m2 in size, with four double bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a separate living room and dining room.
  • Five Bedroom Beachfront Pool Villa The villa is 660m2 in size, suitable for the whole family or group, the company is looking for a resort in Hoi An.
Four Seasons The Nam Hai villa
The pool villa

Discover food at Four Seasons The Nam Hai

The Nam Hai has up to three luxurious restaurants for diners, serving almost all day and night.

Café Nam Hai

Café Nam Hai is located in a four-level house in the middle of the resort. The resort has four glass doors so visitors can open in the morning to catch the sea breeze. 

Guests who reserve a room will be served breakfast from 7:00 to 10:30 a.m. at the Cafe Nam Hai.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai cafe
Café Nam Hai

La Sen Restaurant

The restaurant specializes in offering authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Visitors have a sense of being completely immersed in an old recollection thanks to the arrangement of the dishes, the chopstick bowls, the tables, and chairs.

The restaurant is open in the morning and starts from 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m, lunch will be open from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., and serves dinner from 18:00 to 22:00.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai restaurant
La Sen Restaurant

Beach Restaurant & Bar

Beach Restaurant & Bar is a restaurant located right on the golden sand beach. Visitors are drawn to this restaurant by its great outlook, lovely vistas, and mouthwatering aromas emerging from the specialty foods and drinks.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai beach bar
Beach Restaurant & Bar

Fresh seafood is available here for your enjoyment. Everything has a modern flair, from lavish European cuisine to traditional Vietnamese dishes. The best part of this beachside restaurant is all of it.

Following your meal, you can order another cocktail to sip while admiring Hoi An’s stunning scenery. It is true that is a sense of fulfillment that is difficult to get elsewhere.

Hours of service: 11:00 a.m.

In-Villa Dining

24 hours of service a day cuisine on request at guests’ private villas. Thanks to this service, large families or those who difficult to dine out may completely enjoy a variety of delectable delicacies with the utmost comfort and privacy.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai dining
In-Villa Dining in Four Seasons The Nam Hai

Most reviewers of the resort praised the attentive and committed service, including In-Villa Dining, in their comments.

Facilities and Activities at Four Seasons The Nam Hai

Visitors no need to explore outside of Hoi An, they have practically had to spend the entire day here to experience all the services.

Spa and wellness

All 08 spa villas are surrounded by a calm lotus lake, ensuring the privacy and tranquility. The villas are divided into two water houses, one for relaxation, the other is a treatment area with a sauna.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai spa
Spa in Four Seasons The Nam Hai

Visitors should take their time when visiting The Nam Hai in order to unwind both physically and mentally. The staff at the spa have full expertise as well as extensive experience to use the therapies to help customers to relax.

Overflow swimming pools

Three infinity pools appear to be connected to the sea, together with pure blue water and two straight rows of coconut trees.

Four Seasons The Nam Hai pools
Three attached overflow swimming pools provide a stunning architectural design.

Customers can adjust their temperature to suit the weather, including a children’s swimming area with a depth of only 1m.

Retreat activities

Yoga class “Good morning”, meditation class “Loving & Kindess”, The Nam Hai Culinary Academy, or library are all activities in the “re-energizing” service chain at Four Seasons The Nam Hai.

Retreat activities at the resort

There are also a variety of entertainment options, such as water and land sports, free bicycle rentals, conical hat and craft lessons, cooking classes, and so on. All are completely furnished with modern equipment according to international standards, ensuring that visitors have the most enjoyable experiences.

A specialized children’s play area with a range of games is available at the resort. In addition, the resort offers on-demand babysitting services for around 200,000 VND per hour (after 10 p.m., the charge is 300,000 VND per hour). Hours of service is 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Children’s play area

Entertainment venues near Four Seasons The Nam Hai

In addition to the experiences in the resort, visitors can also refer to go to outside to discover more about this ancient Hoi An.

Recago would like to introduce to you places to visit near the resort such as:

An Bang Beach

An Bang beach, one of the world’s top 50 most gorgeous pristine beaches. Travelers must definitely add this beach to their lists to explore Hoi An. Visitors are won over by the pristine blue coast’s serene, soft, and tranquil beauty, which is uncommon among other busy beaches in the city.

An Bang beach is voted in top 25 Asian beaches (Source: Collected)

Sometimes there is no need to participate in sea games, just a day lying in the sun on the sand or walking around in the light sunshine, sipping a cool smoothie. So you have enjoyed a lot of peaceful flavors of life already.

From Four Seasons The Nam Hai, it only takes about 8 minutes to drive (approximately 34km) to come this An Bang beach.

Thanh Ha Terracotta Park

A miniature world recreated in terracotta, located under a campus filled with trees and lakes. No matter how hot it is outside, just entering this park, you will immediately be welcome by the fresh air and extremely impressive terracotta statues.

Discover this pottery village in Thanh Ha Terracotta Park (Source: Collected)

The park is about a 20-minute drive from the resort (approximately 10km).

Hoi An Ancient Town

The old roof is covered with moss, the road is full of lanterns as well as the wells, the old church, … so Hoi An owns an ancient and peaceful atmosphere.

Hoi An Ancient Town is about a 15-minute drive from Four Seasons The Nam Hai (approximately 8km), you can drive yourself or contact the resort reception to book a car.

Hoi An Ancient Town (Source: Collected)


The Four Seasons The Nam Hai has been reviewed in the most thorough manner in this post. During its operation, the resort continuously received many prestigious awards such as: “TOP 05 Best Foreign Resorts” and “TOP 19 Most Romantic Overseas Resorts” by Luxury magazine Travel Magazine Australia voted, “List of 50 wonderful holidays 2016” ranked by The Irish Independent magazine,… These accolades are meant to demonstrate that guests who stay at Four Seasons The Nam Hai won’t be let down.

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