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2024 Ultimate Singapore Backpacking Guide For Budget Travelers

Singapore is well-known as a beautiful, modern, clean and safe country in Asia. For some Southeast Asian tourists, Singapore has become one of their favorite traveling spots, mostly because of its convenient location. If this is your first time traveling to Singapore, check out the 4 following tips of Singapore backpacking guide from Recago to have a complete trip!

Singapore Backpacking Guide Recago
Singapore at night – Singapore Backpacking Guide (Source: collected)

Experience local street food not only in the Hawker Centers

Referring Singaporean cuisine, Hawker Centers are not strange at all. These are food courts, which may be located in shopping malls or at various tourist attractions. Because Hawker Centers are managed by the Goverment, they are considerably clean and food hygiene is always guaranteed. Visitors can sit in comfort to enjoy food without paying too much.

Singapore Backpacking Guide Recago
Hawker Center – Singapore’s typical culture (Source: collected)

However, besides Hawker Centers, you can enjoy local cuisine at markets near residential areas. This gives the difference as well as the opportunity to discover the unique local culture of the locals.

Avoid staying in dorms | Singapore Backpacking Guide

With a low budget, dorms (rooms with bunk beds and sharing space with other travelers) and hostels are amongst the most favored options of tourists. However, dorms in Singapore are not actually cheap, and sometimes cause inconveniences due to that you have to share space with strangers, while you can stay at a hostel which is of from 1 to 5 million VND or more, not too different from the price of the dorm.

Singapore Backpacking Guide Recago
A budget hotel (Source: collected)

Singapore already has a developed public transport system. Visitors can choose to stay in Geylang or Kembangan, which are far from the center, so you can save costs while commute is still guaranteed. The MRT system has an extensive network reaching to the local residential areas. It’s fast and easy to use that helps tourists to zip around the city in the most convenient way.

Otherwise, if you have better budget, you can choose to stay in the heart of Singapore for 100 dollar per night. From the centre, you can walk to tourist attractions in Marina Bay, Chinatown and Orchard Road. If you prefer to stay at a luxury hotel with convenient services, please refer to the list of hotels on Recago Travel Magazine!

Comply with Singapore law | Singapore Backpacking Guide

Singapore is known as a safe, civilized island nation with lots of “unusual” laws. Actions such as chewing gum or drawing graffiti in the wrong place are fined SGD 100,000 or criminal prosecution. Some actions are illegal in Singapore such as making noise after 10 pm, feeding pigeons, flying kites in public places, etc.

Singapore Backpacking Guide Recago
Some regulations in Singapore (Source: collected)

Don’t just visit Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa

Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa are symbols of Singapore. During the peak tourist season, this place is very crowded. If you like to spend time on the sea, East Coast Park, Changi Beach and Punggol could be the best choices.

Singapore Backpacking Guide Recago
Universal amusement park (Source: collected)

In addition to exploring the tourist attractions in the center, going trekking or visiting nature reserves is also an interesting experience. Some nature spots to visit in Singapore you can add to your list are Rifle Range Nature Park, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park…

Also, there are some green buildings in the city suitable for tourists including Kent Ridge Park, Singapore Botanic Garden, etc.


We hope that the above 4 experiences will help you have more useful information for your Singapore trip. Visit Recago to check out the famous resorts and hotels in Singapore for this summer!