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[SINGAPORE TRAVEL] 6 activities at The Fullerton Hotel for your next vacation

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel is the most iconic hotel in Singapore. With 5-star luxury rooms & suites, exceptional services and top facilities, The Fullerton Hotel definitely make your time in Singapore valuable.

We were glad to be given a tour of the iconic 5-star The Fullerton Hotel by our super helpful guide, Joan, who gave us a deeper understanding of its rich history and heritage. Let’s explore ideal activities when staying at this five-star luxury hotel.

The Fullerton Hotel - overview
The Fullerton Hotel Singapore – iconic 5-star hotel in Singapore’s city center (Source: The Fullerton Hotel)

The stunning Fullerton Building was built in 1928 and formerly served as General Post Office during the colonial era. It was gazetted in December 2015 as a National Monument, in which saves Singapore’s rich history.
Since 2019, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has been transformed into a magnificent and luxury 400-room heritage hotel near the mouth of the Singapore River.

The Fullerton Hotel - Singapore night view
The Fullerton Hotel overlooks the Singapore River (Source: collected)

The first thing we noticed upon reaching the lobby of the building, is the building’s rich history as seen from the bronze bust of the founder of Far East Organisation, Mr Ng Teng Fong, who played an important role to the history of Singapore’s progress.

1. Visit the Heritage Gallery and mail out a postcard to yourself

The Fullerton Hotel - hotel heritage gallery
Really old Post Box (still in service) (Source: The Fullerton Hotel)

Check out the heritage walk and it’s interactive displays, know the history behind the Fullerton Building, and mail out a post card to yourself or your loved ones using the super old colonial era postbox which is still in service up till this day. Now that is a memorable experience!

2. Fullerton Heritage Guided Tour – The Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel - The Fullerton Monument Tour
The former Fullerton Building (Source: The Fullerton Monument Tour)

The Fullerton Heritage Guided Tour is one of the must do things for hotel guests (not sure if it has resumed at the point of this writing)

This complementary tour will bring you back in time to when the building once served as the General Post Office, and as a government building where former Singapore leaders like Mr Goh Keng Swee once worked in.

>>> Book tour here

3. Afternoon tea at the hotel lobby and alfresco dining area

The Fullerton Hotel - hotel dining area
Hotel Lobby dining area (Source: The Fullerton Monument)

One of the pleasures in life is to be able to enjoy a slow afternoon sipping away a hot cup of tea with your friends at the hotel’s lobby or the hotel’s restaurant’s alfresco dining area by the Singapore River.

The Fullerton Hotel - outdoor dining area
(Source: The Fullerton Hotel)

4. Order bespoke in-room dining – The Fullerton Hotel

Make every cent of your stay count by experiencing this: Dining in the privacy of your own balcony.

Balcony directly above F1 Singapore track The Fullerton Hotel
Balcony directly above F1 Singapore track (Source: collected)

If you are lucky enough to land yourself one of the Straits Club Marina Bay View room (Joan tells us it is always sold out in advance during the Singapore F1 Grand Prix season as this room faces the track directly), the contrasting feel of the morning and night view of the Marina Bay will take your breath away as the city’s night lights lit up.

5. Take a dip or sunbathe by the outdoor pool

No visit to The Fullerton Hotel is ever complete without trying out its outdoor pool.

The Fullerton Hotel outdoor pool
Take a dip or sunbathe by the pool (Source: The Fullerton Hotel)

With views overlooking the Singapore River set against the backdrop of the building’s iconic column structure and Singapore’s modern skyscraper skyline, your vacation will be full of memorable Instagrammable experiences.

6. Check out all the nearby tourist hotspots

The Fullerton Hotel’s central location means that you are within walking distance to many of Singapore’s most touristy hotspots and activities.

The Fullerton Hotel -  merlion
Merlion (Source: collected)
Sir Stamford Raffles (Source:collected)
Asian Civilisations Museum (Source: collected)

Take advantage of this quick accessibility to check out all the neighbouring sights like The Asian Civilisations Museum, Sir Stamford Raffles Statue, Esplanade Park, the Merlion and many more.

Hope that with our recommendations above, you can make lasting memories with your loved ones at the amazing Fullerton Hotel!

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