Attractions in Jakarta

[INDONESIA TRAVEL] 12 Must-Visit Attractions in Jakarta

Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, is a interesting place to visit due to its long history, diverse culture, beautiful natural beauty, and endless development. From historical sites to high-end restaurants, discover these must-visit attractions in Jakarta with Recago.

1. National Monument (Monumen Nasional or Monas)

This iconic monument of Jakarta serves not only as a beautiful viewing deck with open views of the city, but also a museum representing Indonesia’s struggles for independence and national unity.

attractions in Jakarta national monument
One of the must-go tourist attractions in Jakarta (Source: collected)

The National Monument was opened to the public in 1975, is located in in the centre of Merdeka SquareCentral Jakarta. Overlooking at 132 meters (433 ft) high, the building is also majestic to see from the outside, topped with a flame-shaped gold foil. This historic structure also has an observation deck, the National History Museum, and the Hall of Independence.

Tourists can visit the monument and museum there from 8:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M everyday except Monday.

2. Istiqlal Mosque – Unique Attractions in Jakarta

As the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia, this building is not only among famous cultural and historical attractions in Jakarta but also an architectural greatness.

attractions in Jakarta - Istiqlal Mosque
Istiqlal Mosque is the biggest mosque in South East Asia (Source: Expedia)

The mosque was opened to the public by the first Indonesian president in 1978 to commemorate Indonesian independence. Previous happy visitors include Barack Obama, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and other world leaders.

Istiqlal Mosque offers a free guided tour which can be booked from the tour desk on-site. Let’s put it on your list of attractions in Jakarta before it closes at 9:00 P.M everyday.

3. Kota Tua Jakarta – Jakarta’s old town

The Jakarta Old Town or Kota Tua Jakarta bears reminisce of the Dutch era, with its colonial architecture and historical references.

attractions in Jakarta - Jakarta's old town
Jakarta’s old town should be on top tourist attractions in Jakarta (Source: collected)

The area boast buildings and structures with old, European-style architecture that still stand today. Most of them are converted into museums today, some are beautiful cafes and restaurants.

Tourists should take a day here to explore many tourist attractions in Jakarta Old Town and join the busy night market. Some main spots to visit in Kota Tua include:

  • The Fatahillah Square 
  • Jakarta History Museum
  • The Fine Arts and Ceramic Museum
  • The Maritime Museum
  • Post Office and Art Gallery
  • Batavia Café
  • The Bank Indonesia Museum

4. National Museum of Indonesia

The National Museum of Indonesia is as interesting outside as it is inside, provids insight into Indonesian culture and history.

attractions in Jakarta - national museum of Indonesia
National Museum of Indonesia is one of the most comprehensive museum in Southeast Asia (Source: collected)

The European architecture building is the house of ceramics, ethnography, archaeology, prehistoric, stone sculpture collections that are among the richest, the most complete, and the best of its kind in Indonesia and one of the finest in Southeast Asia.

The museum has a free English tour during the opening time 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Tuesday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Saturday – Sunday.

5. Jakarta Aquarium & Safari – Entertaining attractions in Jakarta

Jakarta Aquarium & Safari is the largest indoor terrarium in Indonesia with over 3,500 aquatic, terrestrial, reptiles, and amphibian animals residing within the premises.

Beside watching and interacting with the marine animals, there are a lot of interesting activities you can try when visiting Jakarta Aquarium & Safari, which can make your trip to Jakarta unforgettable. Here are some recommends from Recago:

  • Experience Aquatrekking, which almost feels like a real-world seafloor walking;
  • Watch enticing collections of soft and hard corals, sea anemones, and the endemic marine lives from many regions of Indonesia;
  • Physically touch small aqua species like spotted sharks, ribbon tail rays, and sea stars at Touch and Find;
  • Take a 5D submarine journey to visit the ocean’s depths in the Sea Explorer Simulator;
  • Try Underwater Funtasy Diving to touch and meet black-tip and white-tip sharks, nurse sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and many other species;
  • Join Pearl of the South Sea show, retelling a local lore story of Java.
  • Experience a private dining at the Anemone Private Dining, where you are surrounded by a tankful of marine life, setting a very romantic ambiance;

6. Grand Indonesia Mall – Shopping attractions in Jakarta

Grand Indonesia Mall is a paradise of entertainment, food, recreational and fun activities.

attractions in Jakarta - grand indonesia
Grand Indonesia is an integrated multipurpose complex (Source: collected)

Grand Indonesia Mall is a gigantic shopping mall with 8 floors of various cuisine restaurants, cafe shops, shops of top-class branded clothes, accessories, jewelery, sportswear, local handicraft and pick up gifts, a miniature theme park, and arcade games.

Tourists can also enjoy the dancing fountain show at the fountain atrium at 2:00 PM, 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM every day.

7. Ancol Dreamland – Amusement attractions in Jakarta

Ancol Dreamland is Jakarta’s largest and most interesting recreation park, and located reclaimed land at the Bay of Jakarta.

attractions in Jakarta - ancol dreamland
“Disneyland of Indonesia” – Ancol Dreamland (Source: collected)

Ancol Dreamland is a massive Taman Impian Jaya Ancol complex theme park with 5 entertaining areas to visit and have exciting activities, which can satisfy all tastes of visitors.

  • Dunia Fantasy Theme: A theme park with many games suitable for all ages;
  • Seaworld: An aquarium with elaborate performances of dolphins and seals makes you admire and admire;
  • Pasar Seni: Jakarta’s art market, where visitors can see firsthand artisans creating art;
  • Gondola: A high-tech entertainment area;
  • Ecopark: An ecological park with diverse environmental games.

8. Menteng

Known to some as the Beverly Hills of Jakarta, Menteng is one of the most exclusive parts of Jakarta, an upmarket district located within Central Jakarta.

Menteng is impressed visitors with its wide boulevards lined with trees, grand fountains, leafy parks, fine dining establishments, stunning mansions within the special residential zone home to millionaire, diplomats and the upper echelons of Jakarta’s society.

attractions in Jakarta - menteng
The Beverly Hills of Jakarta – Menteng District (Source: Expedia)

Let’s take a tour around this elite district with Recago’s guide below:

  • Get a breath of fresh air: Menteng has several green spaces that are suitable for relaxing, picnics and sports such as Taman Suropati, Taman Situ Lembang, and Taman Menteng
  • Shopping at Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia: Various kinds of local and international brands that you rarely find in other places are located here
  • Shop for antiques on Jalan Surabaya: A wide collection of handicrafts, phonograph records, and other antiques are unique for your souvenir collections
  • Hang out in cafes and restaurants: Trendy restaurants and cafes that offer cuisines from various countries such as Plataran Menteng, GIOI, Bunga Rampai, Anomali Coffee, Tjikini Lima…
  • Explore street food: Different types of local dishes from street vendors along Jalan Cikini and Jalan Sabang at night

9. Skye Bar & Restaurant

An excellent epitome of Jakarta’s vibrant city nightlife, Skye is a lively bar and restaurant located on the 56th floor of Menara BCA building.

The stylishly decorated lounge features a stunning infinity pool that makes the view of the city much more refreshing.

The place also serves impressive cocktails and food.

10. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Literally translated as “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park”, this vast complex sums up Indonesia’s vast and diverse culture in collections and depictions of traditional houses, clothing, artifacts, and traditions.

attractions in Jakarta taman mini indonesia indah
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – one of famous entertaining attractions in Jakarta (Source: collected)

It also has a cable car, museums, and a cinema that plays documentaries about the country.

11. Jakarta Cathedral

The impressive cathedral stands tall at the heart of the city, flaunting tall spires and impressive neo-gothic architecture.

Built during the colonial era, many of the cathedral’s materials and pieces of furniture are sourced from the Netherlands, including its massive pipe organ and ornate main altar.

One of the spires also serves as a museum that shows Catholic relics.

12. Glodok – Jakarta’s Chinatown

Glodok, the old Chinatown section of Jakarta, is is one of the busiest and most fascinating areas to explore in the capital of Indonesia.

If you visit Jakarta Chinatown,  you will walk amongst fruit, vegetable and spice markets, electronics shopping malls and temples dotted throughout tiny narrow streets and alleyways. Don’t forget to try Chinese dishes and snacks in roadside vendors selling street food.


Now, are you ready to explore Jakarta – the vibrant city with interesting attractions, exciting activities, rich history and culture? Hope that 12 attractions in Jakarta recommended above will better your ideal trip to Indonesia.

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